Queen Anne’s Revenge

Bunkhouse Saloon, June 16

This local Southern rock quartet has only been together since late 2011. But in that short timespan, they’ve built a repertoire of fun, lyrically solid and musically sound songs that capture and keep your attention. Their single and nod to their hometown, “The Patron Saint (of Las Vegas),” is masterfully crafted. With lyrics such as, Dead man’s hand on the burning sand/it’s either purgatory or the promised land, and guitar riffs that are vaguely reminiscent of a young Mick Mars, it’s so marketable and fun that you would swear it was a Mötley Crüe cover. From the opening riff of “Let It Burn,” all of the guys delivered an enjoyable, high-energy performance that was both entertaining and engaging, with lead singer Kiffin McGinnis and guitarist Steven Anderson having incredible command of the stage. I would have loved to hear the volume on the guitar turned up higher though, as some of the solos weren’t as audible as they should have been. Overall, the night proved that despite the overwhelming popularity of electronic music, good, old-fashioned “get drunk and party” rock has a home in the neon desert. ★★★☆☆



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