Sheep Art

It always scares me. I’m driving down I-15 near Russell, and suddenly (and repeatedly) a massive bighorn sheep jumps out at me. I brake and doubletake. WTF is a massive bighorn sheep—or a horse; is that a horse next to that sheep?—doing so close to the freeway?

So it’s not a real animal, it’s art—I get it. I like art. In fact, I like this art—10-foot beauties, created by P&S Metals & Supply Co. and placed at the end of 2011. But I don’t like art right here to the tune of $1 million for the stated purpose of giving motorists something nice to look at. The freaking Las Vegas Strip is right up the freeway, a veritable cornucopia of distractions! Sometimes even vaguely pornographic! This is not the monotone stretch between Henderson and Primm. Why do we need giant tax-funded steel sheep here?

We don’t.

But now that we have them, perhaps we should consider their safety. Who wants to bid on a fence?