Freakin’s Firkins

Home to the largest beer selection in the country—1,042 at last count—the Freakin’ Frog imports the real deal: traditional European cask ale fermented in wooden firkins (half a keg or a quarter barrel; traditionally wood in Europe, typically metal stateside). Each month, owner and caskmaster Adam Carmer brings in one of the biggies, what he calls “12 of the greatest beers on earth,” the original style-makers that define the cask-beer category, such as Bavaria’s Aecht Schlenkerla Lentbeer and Birreria Le Baladin, which he taps at private, invitation-only gatherings of 25-40 people. No carbon dioxide or nitrogen is used to move it from cask to glass (“direct-draw”), and once tapped, this fresh, live beer (also called “real ale”) only lasts a short time. Might as well drink her dry.

So, how does one secure an invitation to these special soirees, you ask? Contact Carmer via the website and plead your case with an “impressive” request, he says. We suggest you form it as a haiku or limerick.

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