The Price of a Slice

A new restaurant called Slice of Vegas Pizza opened in April at Mandalay Place. It serves pasta, salads and other Italian dishes—but as the name and set-up imply, a big part of the business model is to sell pizza by the slice to passersby in the mall. A slice of pizza is always a good play when you’re on the move and don’t want to stop to eat, but $4.95 for cheese or $6.95 for one with toppings? That’s too much.

Location is to blame. Go to a less fancy place and you’ll get a less fancy price every time.

One example is Francesco’s at Treasure Island. Most would consider TI a notch down from Mandalay Bay, and accordingly it’s $4 for cheese and $5 with toppings at Francesco’s, located across from the Mystére showroom. Similarly, a slice of cheese at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria in the Palms food court is $3.79.

Move off the Strip and prices go down again. The new Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza sells slices that start at $3.25. Another in this category is Ellis Island, which has a Metro Pizza outlet on the casino floor. Metro sells slices starting at $3, and that’s for cheese plus one topping. Several two-topping combinations are also available for just 25 cents more. Or there’s the new Bonanno in the food court at Palace Station, where a slice of cheese is just $2.95.

So basic strategy for pizza on the fly is to look for it in the less fancy casinos. One exception to this rule was the “secret” pizza place at Cosmopolitan, where a big slice of cheese was just $3 when it opened. But that didn’t last. The Cosmo is a fancy casino and a slice of cheese there now carries the fancy prices of $4.50 for cheese and $5 for one topping.

The best strategy of all is to seek out the specials, and there’s a special going on at some point at most of these places. Francesco’s has a $12 deal for two slices and a draft beer. Since a beer is $6, it’s like getting the pizza for $3 a slice. Bonanno has a better one: one slice of cheese or pepperoni, a small Caesar salad and a drink for $5.95. This deal’s available seven days a week, and the slice here is bigger than Francesco’s. Mandalay’s Slice of Vegas runs “Two-Dollar Tuesdays and Thursdays” from 2 to 4 p.m., with $2 cheese slices and $2 PBR. And on Thursdays at Ellis Island’s Metro branch, slices and whole pies are 2-for-1 all day. That’s just a buck-fifty per, which is the best of the bunch (and large pizzas are 2-for-1 on Sundays). Expect a line.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and, a newspaper and website dedicated to finding the best deals in town.