Tour Buzz

COOL SCHOOL: The 2003 Jack Black film School of Rock was based on a school operated by Paul Green. The story goes that VH1 crews visited Green’s School of Rock Music in Philadelphia and filmed there; three years later, VH1’s parent company Viacom made an intermittently funny movie about a guy who teaches Led Zeppelin songs to kids. Now, the School of Rock is a real-life institution that delivers more true entertainment in one night than Jack Black’s last five movies combined. The School of Rock All-Stars, featuring some of Green’s best students, plays the Hard Rock Café on the Strip on June 29 ($10)—and to borrow a phrase, it’ll melt your face off.

LOST BOYS: The Summerland tour, featuring Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground, lands poolside at Mandalay Bay on June 30 ($46). This show extracts the last few elements of the 1990s that haven’t been rebooted or redone. Now, let’s do this fun thing: In their admittedly unreliable Wikipedia entries, these bands have a number of personnel listed under the “Former Members” category—all told, between 25 and 30 members lost to death and attrition, depending on the latest Wiki update. Many are drummers and touring members, and as I said before, Wikipedia is unreliable at best … but still, even if the numbers are off by a third, that’s a lot of people gone. Makes it hard to look at any of these bands and not feel like they’re missing something.

NOW ON SALE: This is one of those rare “here’s a man who needs no introduction” moments: Peter Gabriel will perform, from start to finish, his classic album So on Oct. 5 at Planet Hollywood ($76-$271). That means he’ll play “Sledgehammer,” “In Your Eyes,” “Red Rain” and “Big Time,” better known as “most of his hits.”