All in a (Bad) Day’s Work

No matter how bad your day was today.. just remember Ann Curry’s was worse.

This acute observation was made by KTNV Channel 13 weekend anchor Blake McCoy on Twitter on June 28, the same day wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes and forced tens of thousands of people to flee Colorado Springs. Yet McCoy, a man whose job it is to tell Las Vegans about the day’s news, instead shined his sympathetic spotlight on Curry, who, while fired from her high-profile job as co-host of NBC’s Today show also received $10 million for her dismissal and remains employed by the network.

Hey, we also feel for Curry, who was made a public scapegoat for Today’s dwindling ratings, but to say her day was worse than “yours,” well, it’s that kind of perspective that has helped keep KTNV near the bottom of the local TV ratings.