The Grand Garden Arena isn’t big enough

While we still don’t know the exact extent of Chris Brown and Drake’s New York City bottle fight over Rihanna, what we do know is the guy who did Celebrity Boxing wants the two of them to duke it out in Las Vegas. Damon Feldman wants to stage the fight as a $1 million charity event and wants Rihanna to be a ring girl. The Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather matchup has never seemed less relevant.

According to TMZ, former Chippendale Lind Walter is suing the production, claiming his boss at the Rio “belittled, degraded and verbally abused [him] on a regular and ongoing basis” before firing him in February. Wait, more degrading than wearing a bow tie and cuffs with no shirt?

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A Wynning Partnership With Ultra Records


A Wynning Partnership With Ultra Records

How cool would it be if, as you’re leaving the club and still reveling in the night’s amazing tunes, you received a CD or USB stick of the set you just heard? We’ve had our fingers crossed for years someone would bring the concept to fruition. Till then, we’ve found the next best thing.