Lost California


If you’re not into Disneyland, you might want to skip this one. OK, still reading? Oh my God, you won’t believe the awesome new stuff they’ve just put into Disney California Adventure, the Golden State-themed park adjacent to Disneyland. This summer brings the debut of a Route 66 section of the park with a slot car-racing attraction (based on Pixar’s Cars films, but let’s not hold that against it), and an area that evokes Los Angeles of the 1920s, crowned by a classy restaurant and upscale cocktail lounge. And the second-easiest way to appreciate all this jazzy new shit (after actually visiting California Adventure, which you shouldn’t do until the crowds die down in the fall) is to read Yesterland, a website devoted to Disneyland attractions long gone. There’s a whole section on California Adventure—scroll to the bottom of the page—and it’s brimming with defunct restaurants, shows and attractions; in essence, it amounts to an entire theme park redone since it opened in February 2001. Don’t look too much at the stuff they closed; it’s depressing. Look forward. Ever forward.