(R) ★★☆☆☆

Seth MacFarlane, co-writer/director/producer/and voice of Ted, offers this bully of a comedy. John (Mark Wahlberg) wishes upon a star for a friend. His teddy bear becomes a talking teddy bear, and the pair remain best pals and bong-devoted couch potatoes well into John’s arrested-development adulthood. The film concerns what John must do to keep his girlfriend (Mila Kunis), while keeping trash-talking, skank-chasing Ted around. Bits work, however it largely comes off as clever and lazy.

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We Now Pronounce You Showroom and Show


We Now Pronounce You Showroom and Show

By Steve Bornfeld

Wearing antipasto isn’t so bad. Despite post-show conniptions over the bride’s mama dropping bruschetta in the lap of a reporter she was hand-feeding, the tomato-topped delicacy was quite tasty once scooped from thigh to plate. “The cast destroyed her after that,” says apologetic co-producer Raphael Berko. Chill, cast, chill. Redeeming herself, Mama crooned a lovely “Santa Lucia.” Could have done without the Chicken Dance, though. Flapping in rhythm is simply uncool. By the way: Congratulazioni per il tuo matrimonio.



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