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Comedian/actress/talk-show host Aisha Tyler squeezes Vegas into her nonstop life

The inexhaustible Aisha Tyler has a schedule so packed, she only finds time to do stand-up on rare weekends off. One of those is July 5-7 at Paris’ Empire Comedy. She’s catching time from her daytime chat show, The Talk, which is just one of three shows she does— along with Canadian sci-fi joint XIII: The Series and FX’s Archer, the best show on television. (Bring it on, Breaking Bad and Mad Men.) And all of that ignores her weekly podcast Girl on Guy and turns like the one she just took recently, where the avid gamer presented at Ubisoft’s E3 conference.

Vegas Seven caught up with Tyler to talk about her role on Archer as superspy Lana Kane, Adam Carolla’s recent “women aren’t funny” comments and her foodie side.

When you’re at Comic-Con, how many people do you expect to try to get you to do bits from Archer?

Well, I try to avoid interacting with human beings as much as possible while at Comic-Con to avoid precisely such a scenario. No, I love Comic-Con. I’m lucky because people know me from so many things that I don’t get a litany of just stuff from one show, which is nice.

But I love my Archer fans. Every year it’s been a bigger panel. The first year we didn’t have a panel. The second year we had this little 500-seat room. Last year we had 3,000 people. We couldn’t even believe it. We were like, “If this is all of the people in the world who watch Archer, this is still totally awesome.”

Everyone was freaked out about the Adam Carolla comments.

It’s hard for me because I’ve known Adam forever. He’s always been incredibly supportive of me. He’s a comedian. He says things that he knows are going to get a reaction. I’m not a Pollyanna, I’m not a prude. I’m a comic, and I’ve also been a staff writer on a show. I’ve pretty much heard everything anybody could ever say about anybody, three or four times in a row with curse words inserted. So nothing really offends me. But I found myself in the position of having to defend him without defending what he said. I like the guy. It’s not just that he’s been nice to me, he’s been actively supportive of my career, so I have a hard time believing that’s what he was really saying.

Is there any parallel between women in comedy and women in the nerdy arts? You recently had a run-in online with gamers reacting to your Ubisoft conference.

Of course. I was raised to really not worry too much about what people think about me and just do the work. The thing that bums me out in the nerd arts, like when I read those comments, the stuff people said that was sexist or racist was just typical. It’s like ugh, no imagination. Come up with new words.

You’re a foodie: Where do you like to eat when you’re visiting Las Vegas?

I just had a buddy come back, and he said Jaleo is great. I’m going to go there for sure. I go to a couple of very boring places. I really like Nobu at the Hard Rock. I always go there. It’s not particularly exciting, I know. I used to go to Aureole a lot. And I like SW Steakhouse at the Wynn. That’s a great place. I was at the Wynn once and ate there three nights in a row. I’m literally like an old lady. I went at 5. I always have the Caesar salad.

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