That $10 mil came with a cost

The charity poker tournament Laliberté started, The Big One for One Drop, had an $18 million first-place prize. Pro Antonio Esfandiari won it July 3, with Britain’s Sam Trickett taking second for $10 million. Trickett later Tweeted that after he was celebrating late that night, he was assaulted by six guys outside a club. According to the New York Post, that was 1 Oak, where he and Esfandiari had burned through 20 bottles of Dom Pérignon Luminous to the tune of $10,000.

Fighter Chael Sonnen may not have been able to handle Anderson Silva in July 7’s UFC 148, but he didn’t let a cut-up face stop him from partying that night at Tabu. Then again, showing up with fresh fight wounds to the club is probably the right play.

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Paula Abdul crosses 50 threshold


Paula Abdul crosses 50 threshold

By Jason Scavone

Things Paula Abdul is known for: Being a cheerleader. Dancing with a cartoon cat. Not being able to handle her drugs. Pretending to be in a James Dean movie. It’s hard to believe that she could possibly be 50. We’re pretty sure half that stuff happened last week. Yet there she was June 28 at Tao, doing a joint birthday party with boyfriend Johnny Caprio. Well, it has been a few months since she was fired from being a judge on a talent show. That’s reason enough to celebrate.