Braised Short-Rib Fried Rice, Le Thai

In recent weeks, when Le Thai owner Daniel Coughlin prepared his addictive pork jerky, the chef set aside the precious clippings and whipped up a special crispy pork-fried rice. As you might expect, it sold out every time. Seeing the people’s need for a meatier fried rice, Coughlin answered with his current featured item: braised beef-short-rib fried rice. The dish arrives as a steaming heap, every forkful a collusion of fried rice (appropriately gleaming from its oil bath), slow-cooked and shredded beef, egg and onion. Order it at a 2, and pair with a sweet-ish beer, such as Okigen Kawaba (Snow Weizen), to cool it down. Chef’s Thai beef-and-meatball noodle soup was just named one of the 20 best new Asian dishes in America by Details magazine, so expect many more fun specials as Coughlin gets a boost from the spotlight.