Cirque du Bono

It took his daughter, Eve Hewson, turning 21 to get minor Facebook investor Bono to come to Las Vegas. And what does the man who may be second to only Paul McCartney on the list of richest rock stars do? Does he buy everyone at Aria goofy, oversize sunglasses? Does he convince Sheldon Adelson to pay off all of Sierra Leone’s debt? Does he lose The Edge in an ill-conceived heads-up match with Daniel Negreanu at the World Series of Poker?

No, he eats at Tao and goes to Cirque. Bono is no different a Las Vegas tourist than your uncle who has a semi-successful car dealership.

Bono, wife Ali and Hewson all went to dinner at Tao on July 7. The next night, Bono and friends went to check out The Beatles Love at The Mirage. Bono’s favorite part of the show was the sequence during “A Day in the Life,” which he said was “absolutely amazing.” Not, like, end-Third-World-hunger-amazing or talk-Apple-into-making-another-U2-iPod-amazing, but amazing nonetheless.

After the show, he went backstage to ask cast members when Cirque was going to get around to doing a U2-based show. Considering the fact that Guy Laliberté just blew a million bucks in a poker tournament, he’s probably kicking the tires on some new show ideas. Slow, mournful solo trapeze act during “One”? Silk act set to “Elevation”? Forcing Larry Mullen Jr. to do backflips on a trampoline? The show practically writes itself.

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