Inside the UFC Fan Expo

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Host Jason Harris takes a walk around the UFC Fan Expo at Mandalay Bay Events Center to find kids wrestling, fighters signing autographs and girls who know a thing or two about Obamacare.

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When did “Old Vegas” become “New Vegas”?

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When did “Old Vegas” become “New Vegas”?

By James P. Reza

The answer depends on one’s perspective. Some believe the lingering death of Old Vegas began when Howard Hughes, refusing demands to vacate a suite at the Desert Inn, instead purchased the resort in March 1967 and (supposedly) marked the beginning of the end of organized crime involvement in casinos. I don’t subscribe to that point of view; Hughes has been characterized as a more “legitimate” operator than Moe Dalitz, but was still quite the classic Vegas character, far removed from the suits and smiles overseeing the bottom-line pursuits of today’s corporate Vegas.