LeBron does not care for regular pants

Southern Floridians, bitter Seattleites, lousy frontrunners and people who just for whatever reason hate everything about Cleveland could rejoice when the Miami Heat won their NBA championship on June 21. Then LeBron James got to rejoice officially July 7.

After a quick trip to Marquee’s Boom Box Room on July 6, James turned to Tao to party the following night. He brought his own DJ, Steph Floss, from Cleveland. He also wore sweatpants, suspenders, a plain white T-shirt and glasses. Basically the exact same thing you wore last Sunday when you were totally hungover and needed to run to the store to pick up milk for breakfast.

Joining him were training-in-Vegas Team USA mates Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook (and the two Thunder players must’ve been thrilled), Deron Williams and Andre Iguodala, plus Dejuan Blair of the Spurs, the Ravens’ Ray Rice and the Chiefs’ Stanford Routt. Nice of James to get a member of the Ravens in there. Is there anyone else associated with betraying Cleveland he could have invited? Was José Mesa not available?

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Paula Abdul crosses 50 threshold


Paula Abdul crosses 50 threshold

By Jason Scavone

Things Paula Abdul is known for: Being a cheerleader. Dancing with a cartoon cat. Not being able to handle her drugs. Pretending to be in a James Dean movie. It’s hard to believe that she could possibly be 50. We’re pretty sure half that stuff happened last week. Yet there she was June 28 at Tao, doing a joint birthday party with boyfriend Johnny Caprio. Well, it has been a few months since she was fired from being a judge on a talent show. That’s reason enough to celebrate.