Rhyme N Rhythm Gets Elemental

Local band Rhyme N Rhythm has stayed true to the essence of hip-hop since forming in 2006. Their latest music and philanthropic effort spotlights the key elements of hip-hop culture: MCs, b-boys, beatboxing, DJs, spoken word and graffiti. The show, called The Elements, offers a local lineup and benefits the local Boys & Girls Club. In addition to a performance by Rhyme N Rhythm, you’ll get a solid sampling of Las Vegas’ hip-hop scene. Ras One and Phoenix Orion will host. Highlights include MCs Issaac Sawyer and Marion Write; B-Boys Runaway Tribe; DJs Five Eight and DJ Shanestream; spoken-word artists Misty Reign and Kismet; and visual art from Cornerstone Art Gallery.

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By Tribune Media Services

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