Satanic killers, pogo punk, KISS couples

It’s a slow week for live music, but here are a few shows that should keep your membership in the “rockist” club (those of us who prefer the sound of guitars over iTunes-humping DJs) intact.

New Jersey punkers Bouncing Souls pogo into House of Blues at 6 p.m. July 13, hot on the heels of a deeply satisfying new album, Comet. The record was produced by Descendents drummer and songwriter Bill Stevenson, who’s also beaten the skins and composed tunes for Lemonheads. The Souls have always been melodic, but Stevenson helps them emphasize their power-pop tendencies. I’m can’t resist tracks such as the heartbreaking ode to a manic-depressed lover “Coin Toss Girl” and fiery, pissed-off, razor-riffed “Baptized,” in which singer Greg Attonito observes: kings and thieves/all haunted men running in the night/taking everything. Basically, I love this band. The Menzingers, Broadway Calls and Luther open.

Given the Internet, it’s impossible for any genre to remain obscure. Even the ugliest black metal gets reviewed in tastemaker websites such as and But San Diego symphonic blackened death metal band Ruines Ov Abaddon is relatively obscure and a nice bit of gritty candy. On its surface, their song “Kill for Satan” sounds like a teenage joke, but a deeper listen reveals that it’s a pledge of fealty to Lucifer. Double kickdrum blast beats, baroque synth/piano flourishes and minor-key guitar shredding elevate this band to dark operatic heights (or brimstoned depths). I anticipate an eerie stage show with corpse-painted musicians and goat sacrifice. Kidding about the latter, since the show takes place at 8 p.m. July 14 at Boomers.

Let me step away from the live-music calendar for a moment to nominate the cool spouses in my favorite Vegas biker-rock band Pigasus for an unusual photo contest. I cast my useless vote for Jesse and Roxie Amoroso, who’d better enter KISS by Monster Golf’s “Mr. and Mrs. Hotter Than Hell.” The winning hottest rock-star couple will utter their vows live onstage during the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards in August. More info at

Finally, I mentioned local doom-metal monolith Demon Lung’s music video for their song “Lament Code,” directed by underground pupper-horror filmmaker Dustin Mills (Puppet Monster Massacre), a few columns back. Well, it’s now up on YouTube, and I’m not joking when I say it’s epic and among the best metal videos of all time. Check it out at and tell me I’m wrong.

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