I wish I had a million bucks tax-free. I wish I were 20 years younger and 30 years wiser. I wish Mad Men’s luminous Alison Brie would call me up and say, “You should come over this evening and fix me drinks while I try on Cuban-heeled stockings and exotic underwear.” But wishes like these are unattainable (except for the Alison Brie thing), while the wishes we invest in Neighborland, a website devoted to crowd-sourced ideas of how we can improve the city we live in, are actually kind of helpful. Currently, the ideas collected in the Las Vegas section range from the expensive and far-reaching (“I want a reliable and extensive elevated rail system”) to the entirely doable (“I want a community garden in Henderson”). Locals want bike racks, all-ages music venues, art-house movie theaters, downtown wellness centers and Zipcar. Neighborland doesn’t deliver these things, but it does provide a rather helpful punch list. I’m gonna go suggest something Alison Brie-related.