Is that $100 million in your pocket?

Comic Sarah Silverman is a fan of President Obama. To the point where she offered to, uh … rub up in a bikini against Venetian casino magnate Sheldon Adelson if he’d donate $100 million to the prez instead of Mitt Romney. This is pretty much what James Madison had in mind, we think.

Kevin Pollak had the deepest run of any celebrity at the World Series of Poker’s main event, lasting until July 14 when he got bounced with pocket queens against, tragically, pocket queens. The board ran out four hearts to give his opponent a flush. Crushing blow aside, Pollak took home $52,718 and a lifetime of haunted nightmares for his 134th-place finish.

Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio had dinner together at the Palazzo’s Cut on July 14 along with five friends. Maguire ate vegan and drank just water, while DiCaprio had steak and vodka. Which is exactly how we would’ve guessed that dinner would play out.

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