The Amazing Spider-Man

(PG-13) ★★★☆☆

Director Marc Webb reboots the classic comic book superhero (not that we needed it), and Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) makes it work. Garfield captures the character’s duality, and the clean script clears away clutter and makes us think we’re seeing this for the first time. Peter squares off with the genetic expert (Rhys Ifans), who transforms into the Lizard, and hangs out with another girl he loves (Emma Stone). This reboot works.

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Not in the Face


Not in the Face

By Jarret Keene

No less than the Austin Chronicle decreed blues-rock duo Not in the Face as having put on one of the most memorable shows in the history of the Texas city’s renowned 20-year-old rock club Emo. So my anticipation was sky high as bottle rockets and firecrackers screamed and popped in the alley behind the Beauty Bar. I wasn’t let down. Ginger-mulleted singer/guitarist Jonathan Terrell and gruff drummer Wes Cargal played like the shit-kicking honkytonk bartenders they are by day, executing a frenzied and ferocious set of hard, heavy rock.