Bringing the Show to You

Las Vegan Evan Savar is passionate about supporting local independent artists and musicians, and was looking for a way to help them gain more exposure. In doing so, the 22-year-old inventor and entrepreneur helped create an online platform capable of bringing performers and fans closer together all over the world.

Savar is one of the co-founders of Evinar, an app that allows artists, musicians, comedians and speakers to host online concerts and events through Facebook. Artists can stream performances live from concert venues, or solely for an online audience. Fans can gain access by clicking “like” on the event, and the performers can choose whether to turn those “likes” into ticket purchases or stream their shows for free.

The site, which has been up for a little more than two months, can also be used to host speeches, seminars, videos, radio shows or to moderate chats.

“If somebody like a Justin Bieber was ever to do a concert on their Facebook and charge a dollar per ticket, it could be crazy,” Savar says. “The key is that it’s built on top of Facebook, so you have all this information.”

Evinar is already being used to stream shows at First Friday. Meanwhile, the company recently contracted with the Palms for three months, beginning with celebrity and DJ interviews and perhaps eventually expanding to live concerts from the Pearl. Savar, a 2008 Palo Verde High School graduate, says there also have been talks with HBO about streaming live boxing weigh-ins and training sessions using Evinar.

“The idea is not just that you can broadcast live through Facebook,” Savar says, “but if you were to go on the platform and look around, basically you could create your own broadcasting network. You could do a live show, and then during your live show play a YouTube video, and then go back and forth between live video and the YouTube video.”

Evinar received a major boost when it was featured on the social-media news website Mashable following its launch. Savar says the article helped drive thousands of people to the site.

“How Zynga was for games, we want to be for video and live content through Facebook,” Savar says. “That’s kind of our goal.”

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