Buckle Up

Looking for a statement piece to spice up your stodgy living room? Check out the Seat Belt Rocking Chair and Ottoman from the Phillips Collection in the Las Vegas Design Center. The trendy furnishings are the brainchild of young Thai designer Nuttapong, whose sister owns a seat-belt factory. “He would visit the plant and see spools of seat-belt strapping being woven together and thought it would make a great furniture design,” vice president and creative director Jason Phillips says. The Seat Belt Collection, which also includes a dining chair and leaf bench, comes in a variety of playful hues such as orange, red, black, purple, white and green. Want the stylish décor? Shell out $1,799 for the rocking chair and $779 for the ottoman.

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Samantha Grimes

“My most prized possession is a set of traditional Inupiat craft items and clothing including a parka with wolf fur, mukluks made of caribou and ivory earrings crafted from walrus tusks and baleen. I grew up in Barrow, Alaska, which is a small town right off the Arctic Ocean that is very in tune with culture and tradition. To this day, the Inupiat people can legally hunt whales and other animals for subsistence purposes. The items are all handmade and inspired by hundreds of years of living in the Arctic.