Diddy meets the king of the jungle

Just your typical weekend for Diddy: battle-hyping with Swizz Beatz, pushing his girlfriend’s club performances, hanging out with a lion. The usual.

Diddy kicked off things on July 13 at Tao, where Shawne Merriman, Ray J, former ’NSync manager Johnny Wright and Swizz Beatz joined him in his booth. While Diddy anthems (read: Biggie songs from the late ’90s) played, Diddy announced that Mr. Alicia Keys “is one of my best friends in the game, and for the first time in history, me and Swizz are going to go back and forth, song for song, hit for hit.” Really, it was a losing proposition for Beatz. No one can “Unh!” to a song quite like Diddy can “Unh!” to a song.

On the following night, Diddy was jumping up on speaker boxes to do his hype routine for girlfriend Cassie’s performance at Lavo, but not before he spent the afternoon at Marquee Dayclub. Where there was also a lion in a cage, just chillin’. Probably ordered bottle service, if the bottle in question was made of meat.

Now, we’re not saying bringing a large jungle cat to a pool party is a great idea, but it’s certainly an idea. And if it was going to happen, no one can be surprised that it happened on a day Diddy was there. Really, if any celebrity were to perish in a hubris-related animal mauling, it’s going to be Diddy, right?

Either way, he spent his day handing out bottles of Cîroc to other tables. While a lion was at the ready—just in case any gladiators showed up at the party, and Diddy gave the thumbs down. Still, your move, Wet Republic. Let’s see the ushering in of Tiger Shark Sundays.

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