Screaming Hot

Bomb Pop and Creamsicle, as served at the Beachlife pool complex at the Hard Rock Hotel

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I don’t have quite the same reaction to the jingle of an approaching ice-cream truck as I used to (break into a run, first to my dad for some change, then to the street for cherry or lemon Italian ices), but I do recall the pleasure that icon of Americana brought with it each trip through my neighborhood.

Perusing the Hard Rock’s Beachlife pool cocktail menu, I get the same warm feeling when I see that Dave Herlong has transformed the Bomb Pop and Creamsicle into cooling adult beverages, partly because I get to relive those childhood novelties (now with alcohol!), and partly because it’s hot as blazes out there! The day we popped into Beachlife to catch bartender Danielle Reilly whip up the frosty duo it was just over 100 degrees and, well, we all know where the mercury is hovering now.

Herlong, a brand ambassador for Jose Cuervo and Diageo, knows just what we grownup kids want to cool down with, and he uses premium flavored vodkas to get us there: His Bomb Pop uses Cîroc Red Berry, and the Creamsicle blends Ketel One Oranje and Smirnoff Whipped Cream. As served at the Beachlife pool complex at the Hard Rock Hotel, $14; $28 with souvenir cup.

Bomb Pop

Built 1½ ounces Cîroc Red Berry, 2 ounces fresh sweet & sour mix and 2 ounces Sprite over ice in a 12-ounce cup, top with a float of ½ ounce blue curaçao and garnish with a maraschino cherry to achieve the red, white and blue layers.


In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 ounce Ketel One Oranje, 1 ounce Smirnoff Whipped Cream and 4 ounces fresh orange juice. Add ice, cover, shake and strain into a 12-ounce cup. Garnish with a fresh orange slice.