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DEADLY POP HOOKS: L.A. indie-pop act The Airborne Toxic Event has come a long way since their 2008 self-titled debut on a small label. Tirelessly working their asses off, even as their songs reached the ears of everyone from U2’s Adam Clayton to the music directors of Gossip Girl, the band signed with Island Records and released a dazzling follow-up, All at Once. The album, out for more than a year, has some remarkable tunes on it, including the catchy, percussive “Changing” and the violin-laced, heartbroken rocker “All I Ever Wanted.” Live, these guys are lethally good, so you won’t want to miss their 8 p.m. July 20 ($25) show at the Hard Rock’s Soundwaves Poolside Stage with the Henry Clay People.

HAIR-METAL MADNESS: The free Rock of Ages summer concert series at Fremont Street Experience continues at 9 p.m. July 21 with a double-headed performance by Warrant and Skid Row. The former lost its iconic singer, Jani Lane, this time last year (even if Lane hadn’t played with Warrant in years), and the band soldiers on with vocalist Robert Mason. Skid Row, too, lost the presence of original frontman Sebastian Bach, yet has kept recording and touring with Johnny Solinger. In both cases, the replacement is just as talented as what came before. So if you’re hoping to scream along with ’80s radio hits “Cherry Pie” and “18 and Life,” you’re in luck. This show is a chance for you to let down your metal hair.

DANCEHALL DAZE: Jamaican reggae singer Sean Paul will play Rehab on July 22 starting at 10 a.m. with Eric D-Lux, DJ Shift and DJ Wellman. If I’m interpreting his patois correctly, Paul seems to sing about all the fine booty he observes shakin’ at his parties. This should be a lot of fun, especially as dancehall goes quite nicely with bikini bods and beers.

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Athletics don’t equal personality in JabbaWockeeZ

By Steve Bornfeld

Personality and variety—does that ask too much from a Strip show? You’ll find artistry and athleticism at JabbaWockeeZ, which still suffers from a lack of those attributes. Rising to prominence on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, the gang of masked hip-hoppers debuted at the MGM Grand in 2010. Hoofing between homes, they shifted to Monte Carlo’s ex-Lance Burton Theatre, then split as Blue Man Group, which is departing the Venetian, overhauls that space as its new headquarters.