Angry stripper works pole on book tour

It’s an age-old story: A hard-living, two-fisted reporter tries to make a couple of bucks on the side with no pants on, and some highfalutin’ editor gets all twisted over it.

Sarah Tressler was the Houston Chronicle’s society columnist until March, when someone at rival paper Houston Press, clearly angry they didn’t think of getting naked in public for money first, outed the 30-year-old for stripping on the side.

So she did what anyone would in the same situation: Publish a book and go on a stripping/book tour. Which we can’t recommend highly enough for any aspiring author. Look, all we’re saying is that if Dean Koontz had tried this in the late ’70s, maybe we all wouldn’t be talking about Stephen King as the master of modern horror, you know?

Tressler was at Crazy Horse III on July 20 and 21 as part of the tour, where she signed copies of her Diary of an Angry Stripper, and did a number up on center stage. Although we’re not sure why she’s so angry—she’s done way better than most out-of-work journalists who took buyout packages, and she’s the only stripper we’ve ever heard of who actually published that book about the industry half of them are always talking about writing.

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