Best Bar Menu

You know those roller-coaster caution signs directed at pregnant women and those with chronic back problems? The menu at Aces & Ales ought to contain such a warning. At more than 18 inches long and 12 inches wide (and weighing what seems like several pounds), it might just be Las Vegas’ biggest bar menu. Now here’s what makes it the best: page after page of detailed descriptions of everything from boutique craft beers on tap to a well-chosen whiskey collection. And thanks to that intense menu, you’ll leave this eastside pub with an education of what you imbibed. Whether you remember all that you learned when you wake up the next day, well … (Which reminds us: Check out the Tuesday Night Tastings at 6 p.m., when $20 gets you a sample of six 4-ounce beers—one “brew of the week” and five of your choosing—and a dinner ranging from lobster quesadillas to pork tenderloin.)