Best Forgotten Savior of Downtown

Sure, 2006 was ages ago, but before we pile any more credit on our contemporary saviors, let’s not forget the guy who sparked the original downtown renaissance. Pre-Soho Lofts, downtown was considered a dead zone, but thanks to the risky urban vision of Sam Cherry, a torchlight project was born that lit the way to what’s happening today.

Despite the recession, Soho has steadily become a microcosm of almost everything downtown dreamers wanted 20 years ago: a grocer (Resnicks), a bar (Lady Silvia), a salon (Globe) and a gallery (Amanda Harris) enliven Soho’s streetscape below dozens of nice residences. Two retail spaces remain—add a restaurant and a café perhaps, and Soho will be complete. Cherry doesn’t just talk about the future, he builds it, and yes, they are coming. Had a slice at Pop Up Pizza yet?