Best Las Vegan With Clout in Washington

Getting to the major leagues and making the National League All-Star team at age 19—yeah, that’s something. But we’re equally impressed by the ability of Las Vegas native Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals to so quickly carve a pop-culture niche for himself.

The highlight? Out of nowhere, beyond the already-established in-your-face attitude and hairdo, came his very own catchphrase. In response to a reporter in Toronto trying to get cute with a “gotcha” question about whether the teenager drinks, Harper—who, as most people know, is Mormon—smoothly fired back with, “That’s a clown question, bro.” The line quickly went viral. It’s been used by Sen. Harry Reid and now can be worn on a T-shirt, thanks to Under Armour. In what should be a long career, we’re expecting more where that came from.