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Since relocating to the heart of the Downtown Arts District, Cowtown Guitars has gotten bigger and better—and its reputation as a classic six-string seller remains unmatched. Everything you desire is here: 1965 Fender Jazzmaster, 1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop—need we go on? Just like he does on Pawn Stars, Cowtown co-owner Jesse Amoroso (whose new band, Crazy Chief, is worth checking out) will appraise your vintage ax gratis. More than just a music-gear paradise, Cowtown is deeply involved in our community, as evidenced by the fact Amoroso is collecting guitars for a philanthropic auction to help families impacted by autism. In sum, Cowtown possesses real rock ’n’ roll heart.

  • peter trauth

    Vegas is built on gaming, nothing else, and it will never be anything else. Why not? Because gaming affects everything related to money in this town. It is a sess pool of addicts of all shapes and sizes and of every drug, booze, and gambling known to mankind that makes this town perk. Not ART you idiots! Just sayin, it sounds terrible but in fact, it is a fact…

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