The Best of Nevada Politics—Really!

In the midst of all the splattered mud of the horse-race season, a wholesome dose of our state’s political “bests”:

Best Underrated Political Family You Never Thought of. The Faisses. Wilbur was a two-term state senator. His son Don served on the school board. But you needn’t hold office to matter. His son Bob is an attorney at Lionel Sawyer, an adviser to heads of state (and heads of states) on gaming issues and, when you get down to it, the inventor of gaming law as a field. Bob’s wife, Linda, heads a respected advertising and public relations firm.

Best Response Shelley Berkley Has Yet to Use. “Sen. Heller, your friends who are trying to buy the presidency think I acted unethically by trying to help kidney patients at the same time my husband is a kidney doctor by signing a letter to save a transplant program. You signed the same letter. Why didn’t you, with your supposedly great ethics and alleged commitment to Nevada, suggest that if I signed it, I would be violating ethical rules and thereby imperiling still further a program that deeply mattered to this state? Or were you hoping that there would be an ethics investigation that would hurt me and kidney patients?”

Best Response to a Reporter. Harry Reid, D-Nev., channeling Las Vegas-bred baseball star Bryce Harper: “That a clown question, bro.” Harper originated it and Reid used it on a beltway bloviator. Soon it may find its way into a local pol’s repertoire: My money is on one of two city councilmen, Bob Coffin or Bob Beers.

Best Argument Against Term Limits. Terry Care. The Democrat served three terms in the state Senate, worked with both sides to look for solutions, studied the issues carefully and even survived a dim-witted attack against him by the Culinary Union. But he had to leave after 12 years. All the more reason to respect him: He felt he had served long enough. And next session, only two of the state senators he served with in 2009 will still be in Carson City. The lack of institutional memory and the ability to compromise created by term limits could prove costly.

Best News for Steven Horsford. Former Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., has donated $10,000 to Horsford’s opponent in Congressional District 4, Danny Tarkanian. As if Tarkanian losing a $17 million judgment in California wasn’t bad enough, now Horsford can do a campaign ad about him taking money from a disgraced former senator who cuckolded his best friend with his wife’s best friend.

Best Builder of Las Vegas You Probably Never Thought of. Alan Bible was a U.S. senator from 1954-74, and the national media barely noticed him—just the way he liked it. The Democrat served on several major committees and subcommittees. As state attorney general in the 1940s, Bible wrote a key opinion empowering the state to regulate gaming. In office and private practice, he represented Nevada in its efforts to obtain its share of Colorado River water, which Las Vegas needed for growth. As senator, he was the driving force behind the Southern Nevada Water Project, which brought more of that water into the Valley and made possible the mushrooming population.

Best Argument for Consolidating All City And County Services Under One Government. The North Las Vegas government.

Best Argument for Not Letting North Las Vegas Be Involved in Said Consolidation. The North Las Vegas government.