Best Person to Marry You

Rev. Kymberli Smith provides a lot of services for her couples, from consultation to crafting a unique set of wedding vows for each occasion. One thing she won’t provide? A sermon during the ceremony.

“I don’t want to tell them how to live their lives—that would make the ceremony more about my beliefs than theirs,” Smith says.

She worked in the local hospitality and marketing industries for 15 years before a personal experience led to her becoming a nondenominational wedding officiant in 2008. Smith had to scrap plans for her own big day in favor of a quick chapel ceremony (pregnant, she needed to get on her husband’s insurance). A year later, they went to Maui and recited their vows the way they’d originally intended.

“So I applied that experience to my business. I just didn’t think you should have to shortchange your vows ceremony just because you’re short on time or money.” Smith, who is also a full-time insurance agent, has lost count of the number of ceremonies over which she’s presided, “but I never, ever forget my couples! To this day, I still exchange casual mail with the first couple I wed.”