Best Use of Taxpayer’s Dollars That We Really Thought We’d Regret

How could they approve buying a new house for themselves … right down the street … ON OUR DIME?! Looking back, perhaps the outrage over officials approving a new $150 million City Hall was a bit hasty. After all, the old City Hall was dated, Tony Hsieh wanted to revamp it for his new Zappos compound, the new City Hall construction generated nearly 2,000 jobs, the recession meant we got a good deal, and the seven-story, 310,000-square-foot building is striking inside and out. We applaud chief architect Howard Elkus, who lived up to his promise to design a structure that subtly pays tribute to Southern Nevada aesthetically while not-so-subtly paying off environmentally. (City Hall’s 33 “solar trees” and solar roof panels produce about 290,000 kilowatt-hours of power each year, which the city projects will result in annual power-bill savings of $400,000.) There are plenty more impressive features (including permanent and rotating exhibits from local artists), but you should go to 495 S. Main St. to see them yourself. After all, you’re an investor.