Best Visiting Strip Show

One man, one play, 18 characters. Both entertaining and poignant, Chazz Palminteri’s A Bronx Tale, a recounting of a Bronx boy torn between his hardworking bus-driver dad and the local mobster who befriends him, is a must-see during its intermittent Strip stops (most recently last March at Terry Fator’s theater at The Mirage). Refreshingly, it’s a straight drama, a rarity on both our neon boulevard and at The Smith Center, both of which favor musicals. Beyond expertly bringing a slew of characters to vivid life in a tour de force, Palminteri—who also wrote the piece that was made into a 1993 film co-starring himself and Robert De Niro—gives us a story that is funny and about something vital: values. No word on when the show will be back in town, but it has been returning every year.