Chad Saunders

Angel Management Group’s online and digital marketing director spends a lot of time observing the party scene—the good, the bad and the zombie-ugly. With all that input, a smart guy like Saunders needs a soapbox every now and again. We thought this was a good time for him to weigh in on a variety of topics.

The Best …

Mixology. This keeps getting better every year—Downtown Cocktail Room, Herbs & Rye, Savile Row and my latest discovery, the 1.5 level of Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan. They’ve got the craziest stuff behind that bar: raspberries zapped with liquid nitrogen, weird Chinese flowers that make your mouth go numb—I wouldn’t be surprised if they have moon rocks and plutonium back there.

Creative industry events. To me, there’s nothing like the energy at events like the Hard Rock’s charity boxing tournament, Jack Colton’s Industry Roast at LAX, etc. I can only celebrate the “Top 30 Local Busboys Under 30 Who Will Actually Show Up With the Most Girls (Preferably Dressed in Skanky Pirate Costumes) to Win a Trip to Cabo” so many times each month.

Later club hours. One positive side effect of the electronic dance-music takeover is that many clubs are now staying open until 6 a.m., weakening the pull of the black hole that is traditional afterhours. No sane person needs to be inebriating himself or herself further after sunrise.

Indie music on the Strip. I’m a rocker, through and through. Hip-hop and house work fine for a nightclub, but for me there’s nothing quite like a group of artists getting together and making live music. It’s nice to see that scene starting to creep in from downtown to more mainstream resorts such as the Cosmopolitan.

The slow death of Blackberry. After a passionate romance of seven years with Blackberry, I’ve decided to dump her, as I see the entire industry doing in droves. I think it’s a shift in the right direction, hopefully leading to company iPhones for the host team.

Construction. I’m glad to see some large-scale construction projects on the horizon again: Caesars Entertainment’s half-billion dollar project, The Linq; a new stadium for UNLV; and MGM Grand’s renovation, which, of course, includes our [AMG’s] new 75,000-square-foot Hakkasan restaurant and nightclub, plus a few other tricks up our sleeve.

… And The Rest.

Dubstep. I guess it qualifies as music, but I don’t get it. How does anyone even dance to this? Sounds like a bunch of Transformers making babies.

Social media “work” profiles. You mean to tell me that you’ve created a second Facebook account, swapped out your last name for “At [Insert Employer Name] Made Me Put This,” and intend to post nothing but upcoming event images for all of eternity? At this point you are essentially human spam.

Overpriced DJs. I get it: You’re a talented producer. But asking clubs to pay you $200,000 to come jump around and pretend to twist things for 90 minutes is a bit of a swindle. Forget Wall Street, if your compensation gets any more ridiculous you’re going to have all those bongo-beating hippies occupying your DJ booth.

“Bath salts.” This is the zombie apocalypse waiting to happen. Imagine what would go down if this stuff broke out at some massive music festival like the Electric Daisy Carnival. There’d be armies of the undead dancing with glowsticks in the streets of Vegas, and giving a much more literal connotation to the term “chewing face.”

Barefoot bachelorettes. At 2 a.m. every night, hordes of shoeless women start spilling out of the clubs like clockwork. Not a good look. If I owned the casino there’d be thumbtacks strewn across the floor at 1:59, and electric currents in the carpet that shocked anyone not grounded by a rubber sole.

Hating on Las Vegas. Not a day of my life goes by without someone making a self-righteous clichéd comment about how fake, stupid or dishonest the people in Vegas are. If you can’t handle it, there’s plenty of room in the middle of the country for you.