A Cocktail Carnevale

Campari Spritz, as served at all casino bars and lounges in the Venetian and the Palazzo, $12

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The Italians have the right idea, and most of their traditions—the food-and-drink-related ones especially—make a lot of sense. After a long, hot day of exploring Venice, hiking Mount Etna or wine tasting in Alba, there is nothing more delicious than the afternoon siesta … except, perhaps, for the first sips of a spritz in the piazza.

After a short rest and a refreshing shower, you slip into fresh evening clothes for la passeggiata with the rest of the country as the sun slips lazily into the crook of a mountain pass or melts behind some ancient palazzo. This is the cocktail for that very moment: the effervescence and gentle sweetness of a little Prosecco, alive with fresh citrus and the delicate bitterness of an Italian aperitivo such as Campari or Aperol—it’s like a wake-up call for the appetite and spirit.

In a chilled champagne flute or white wine glass over a few ice cubes, pour 4 ounces La Marca Prosecco, a splash of soda and then 1 ounce Campari. Garnish with a fresh lemon twist.


August ushers in the Mese di Vino y Cucina (Wine & Food Month) during Carnevale, the Venetian and the Palazzo’s Italian-themed summer festival of entertainment, art, music and wine that lasts through Sept. 9. Find out what’s happening next at Venetian.com/carnevale.