Fremont Country Club about to get real

Back in 2010, Carlos “Big Daddy” Adley signed a deal with the city of Las Vegas: He gets five years of free rent if he opens his planned bar/music venue on a city-owned space (601 E. Fremont St.) by 2013. Looks like he’s going to make that deadline with a few months to spare. Fremont Country Club, an all-ages live music venue with a capacity of 1,000, is slated to open in mid-October.

The first and only announced lineup is a great one. My all-time favorite indie-rock/emo/post-hardcore/whatever band Cursive is set to play at 6 p.m. Nov. 7 with Minus the Bear and Girl in a Coma ($23-$26, If you don’t own Cursive’s masterpiece concept album of marital dysfunction, Domestica, released in 2000, get it, and then get your tix.

So, can we expect more of the same? What will be the flavor of live music at Fremont Country Club? “A to Z,” says Adley, who splits his time between Vegas and L.A., where he owns Velvet Margarita, a top Hollywood bar/restaurant. “Expect everything from rock to alt, blues to country, swing to pop. It’s all about bringing more magic and glitz to what’s already happening downtown.”

While that answer is too broad to be very informative—like a blind date saying “I like everything” when you ask what type of music she/he prefers—we can get some feeling of the venue’s style by looking at their booker. The club’s primary booking is being handled by Australia-based music monolith Michael Chugg, who’s booked European tours for biggies such as Radiohead and Coldplay. Fremont Country Club marks Chugg’s first U.S. bookings.

Another hint is in the club’s name. It’s Adley’s nod to nights spent in the old Reseda Country Club in L.A., which hosted legendary punk shows by X, the Germs, etc. We’re curious to see how the owner’s love of old-school punk will mesh with the tastes of a booker who likes Coldplay. Could make for some interesting lineups.

Note: Adley’s Backstage Billiards, a bar next to Fremont Country Club, is set to open in September. Backstage will boast DJ residencies and smaller live music events. In addition, Adley discussed vague plans for parking lot shows, a rooftop venue and a film production studio at the 601 address. He seems intent to build Vegas’ new musical epicenter. We wish him luck.

As for live music this weekend: Reel Big Fish headlines House of Blues at 5 p.m. July 27 with Big D and the Kids Table, Suburban Legends and the Maxies. That same evening at Hard Rock’s Paradise Pool at 8 p.m., it’s the first night of SRH Fest (SRH is a clothing line) with Kottonmouth Kings, Dilated Peoples and Hed P.E. The next evening, July 28, the live music extravaganza of SRH Fest continues at Paradise with NOFX and Unwritten Law. Tickets start at $34.50 via TicketMaster. A little San Diego guy/girl blues-rock band called Little Hurricane lights up the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier at 9 p.m. July 27-29. The ’Cane plays exceptional dirty garage tunes—indeed, the song “Give ’Em Hell” is nasty fun. Free admission.

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