Homa Safar

The renowned makeup artist let us in on her favorite tips and tricks for attaining beauty and style in Las Vegas. She may have recently moved to Los Angeles, but she still knows how to look cool in the heat.

Best Place to Get Your Hair Done. The vibe and culture of Square Salon are breathtaking. It’s beautiful inside, and the stylists are all so talented. 1225 S. Fort Apache Road, Suite 160, 255-7050, SquareSalon.com.

Best Beauty Tip for Desert Dwellers. Keep your skin prepped and moisturized. Laura Mercier’s tinted foundation is my favorite, with a cream blush (or Nars multiple bronzers) to keep the skin radiant and flawless. And I always love a pop of color on the lips, such as tangerine, coral, magenta or fuchsia. Less is more in the Vegas heat. $40, available at Sephora locations, Sephora.com.

Best Thing About Style and Beauty in Vegas. Most of the fashion in Vegas that inspires me comes from the downtown art scene. I really love the vintage shop the Gypsy Den; it has unique and eccentric style. I wish there were more stores like it in the city. 213 E. Colorado Ave., 684-1628; Facebook.com/TheGypsyDen.

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