Louis Gossett has strong opinions

The Las Vegas Film Festival gave out its Indie Icon Awards to Back to the Future’s Lea Thompson and Aces: Iron Eagle III’s Louis Gossett Jr. On July 20, the pair—who worked together on Thompson’s debut Jaws 3-D—were sitting front and center for the premiere of Thompson’s indie flick The Trouble With the Truth.

During the Q&A that followed the film, Gossett got on mic to deliver a tribute to Thompson that included an insistence that she was on the verge of having her career compared to that of Katharine Hepburn and Cate Blanchett.

Louis Gossett: good at being a friend, overambitious in his analogies. Everything about that is delightful, but why did he stop there? Obviously, Thompson has the better career. Hepburn never starred in Howard the Duck, now did she?

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