The Roxy Gunn Project

Jack’s Irish Pub at Palace Station, July 16

Roxy Gunn, the band’s auburn-tressed, guitar-playing front-woman, brought a pulse and edginess to the Gibson Artist Showcase. The sound of her warm, velvety vocals was spot-on, and the crowd of about 30 was just right for the intimate setting.

Drummer Ryan J. dropped an upbeat cadence as the local rock band began with a pop-punkish jaded-ex-girlfriend song, “Good Bye Kiss.” Throughout the 10 Gunn-penned originals and a tasteful encore of Pat Benatar’s “Love Is a Battlefield,” Roxy’s pleasing voice and steadfast command of the stage was complemented by her bandmates’ keen support. Guitarist Jon Mills shredded a power solo on “Avoid the Eyes.” Bassist Chris “The Reverend” Reject solidly harmonized on vocals and threw in a hint of a metal scream at just the right moment. “Where Her Heroes Lie” was a noteworthy slower number, especially when Gunn leaned her head on her guitarist’s shoulder during a vocal break, emphasizing the emotion behind the tune. Melodic rock/punk undercurrents, gnarly guitar solos and the band’s entertaining stage presence ensured a satisfying set seasoned with varying tempos and emotions. ★★★☆☆



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