That’s One NEAT Glass!

Wondering about that squat little glass all your spirits aficionado friends are enjoying? The NEAT Glass (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) was launched in February by Las Vegas-based Arsilica. The innovative, environmentally responsible glassware company is using science to change the way we drink, and partnered with UNLV’s chemistry department to prove the results.

The durable, American-made glass fits nicely in your hand while you swirl—yes, swirl!—any neat high-alcohol spirit or fortified wine, breaking the surface tension and activating evaporation. This might seem counter-intuitive after being told never to swirl spirits then sniff. But NEAT’s sexy, hourglass shape—discovered then reverse-engineered after a happy glass-blowing misfire—lets fast-moving ethanol (the stuff that burns out your olfactory receptors) billow out, while the heavy aromatic molecules responsible for taste concentrate in the narrow center of the glass.

Dive in there! NEAT’s as much for appreciation as for evaluation. Perhaps for the first time ever you’ll be able to perceive those vanilla notes and fully appreciate that spicy finish everyone’s always talking about. Next up: a wine glass! $19,