Adrianne Curry Reps Nerd Cred at EBC

The self-proclaimed “Mistress of the Dorks,” Adrianne Curry, has officially crossed over into her 30s, which is great news for her. With each passing year it becomes more and more difficult to marry another Brady, as they age closer and closer to that great Sam’s Butcher Shop in the sky.

Curry celebrated her 30th on Aug. 4 at Encore Beach Club, where she solidified her dorky credentials by having a shirtless guy in a Darth Vader mask, flanked by bikini-clad girls in Clone Trooper masks, deliver her a Star Wars cake. So, basically, it was exactly like our fifth birthday party. We … we really wish Dad hadn’t have gotten drunk and borrowed our Halloween costume that year.

After all that, Curry, in full-on bikini mode, started posing with a light saber. It’s a good thing she waited a couple of weeks to do that, because if she had pulled that at Comic-Con, the entire convention center would have been littered with fainting nerds. The only way it could’ve been hotter is if she dressed as Sexy Jabba the Hu—SLAVE LEIA. WE TOTALLY MEANT SLAVE LEIA.

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