The Dog Days

A searing, tough-love tribute to the grind-’em-out weeks of a Vegas midsummer

dog-daysWhen the heat drives you a little crazy, sometimes the only sane reaction is to just go with it. Take that 3 p.m. walk to the office-park deli, leaving the shades on your desk; hit the walking trails till noon on Sunday, then take the kid out for some extra batting practice. Vegas in the summer is a reality show waiting to be made: Deadliest Vinyl Car Seat. We may not have the gritty-joyous open-the-hydrants street scenes of a Brooklyn midsummer, but there are badges of honor to be won out there in the cicada-buzz of our deserted August streets. This week, Matt Jacob wonders why our lily-livered kids insist on staying indoors, Geoff Carter earns his summer stripes by living without wheels, and Kerry Candaele explains his peculiar but oddly convincing preference for roasting at a Vegas pool over chilling at the California beach. It’s all part of our annual Dog Days issue, complete with fiction, fashion and an old-fashioned tale of man’s best friend.


Seven Questions with Seth Casteel

The photographer on stumbling upon his signature style, handling overnight success and pressing on when shit happens | Read more…


I’m Walking Here!

An overheated pedestrian’s guide to staying alive | Read more…


Newsprint and Juice

Our resident Vegas native remembers the summer jobs of old | Read more…

Illustration by Chris B. Murray

Wilshire and Citrus

A man, his dog and a great depression | Read more…

Illustration by Chris B. Murray

Summer Games

Cool off with this summer fiction | Read more…

Illustration by Isaac Rodriguez

Melting Away?

The tribulations of an ice cream man | Read more…

Illustration by Garfield & Adams

Who Needs the Coast? I’m Headed for Vegas!

A California beach boy’s path to poolside enlightenment | Read more…

Illustration by Isaac Rodriguez

Summer Shame

A glossary for men | Read more…


For Dogs, a Ruff Summer

The pollen blowing about the Valley can make man’s best friend downright miserable. | Read more…

Photo by Tomo

Simon Rust Lamb

Chief operating officer for Insomniac Events, age 38. | Read more…

Photo by Tomo

Farid Matraki

Vice president and general manager of Crystals at CityCenter, age 45. | Read more…

Photo by Tomo

Isaiah Orlen

Director of sponsorship for the Venetian and the Palazzo, age 33. | Read more…


Jared Garcia

Artist relations for XS and Tryst nightclubs at Wynn Las Vegas, age 30. | Read more…

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