Isaiah Orlen

Director of sponsorship for the Venetian and the Palazzo, age 33.

Photo by Tomo

Photo by Tomo

Orlen’s style is much like his roots—firmly planted in a New York City and Miami aesthetic. Accustomed to warm summer weather, he’s a pro at mixing lighter colors and fabrics into looks, which he calls “street couture.” Willing to take risks when dressing, Orlen says you should never say never when it comes to fashion. “Style and fashion change daily, and they reflect your personality.”

Fab Five

A certified sneakerhead, Orlen has more than 500 pairs, and often builds his entire outfit around which shoes he wants to wear. Here are his five favorite kicks to wear in the heat:

• Nike Air Force Ones.
• Nike Dunks.
• Jordan IV’s.
• Nike Air Max 90’s.
• Nike Air Max 95’s.

The stores where he procures his collection include Undefeated Las Vegas and CRSVR. Undefeated, 4480 Paradise Road, 732-0019;; CRSVR, the Cosmopolitan, 698-7605;

Get the Look

Obscure brands and fashion labels are a favorite of Orlen, who dons names such as Frank & Eileen, Comme des Garçons and Nike.

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