Joe Pickens

Marketing and events assistant for Bagatelle Las Vegas, age 29.

This is the first desert summer for Pickens, a Philadelphia native, who lived in Missouri before coming west in January. The newbie says time spent working as a model gives him the confidence to take risks with his style, and he finds inspiration in the oddest of places. “I was eating sushi and the color pattern of the fish struck me, so I thought if it works on sushi it can work on clothes.”

Pickens says his No. 1 issue is fit. Being 6 feet 4 inches tall and on the thin side makes it difficult finding pants or shirts that don’t require tailoring. “If I find something that fits, I have to buy it,” he says. Places that specialize in a slimmer European style such as Zara and Topman work for Pickens’ body type. Both in Fashion Show.

Small details such as bow ties, vintage pieces (including this tie from his grandfather’s closet or pocket squares are Pickens’ favorite accessories.

Loafers and boat shoes are essential summer footwear for Pickens, who sports them with both jeans and swim trunks. “There are tons of places to wear flip-flops and they all end with the word beach.” Ralph Lauren shoes available at Nordstrom, Fashion Show.

Get the Look

Ben Sherman, Ralph Lauren and Nixon are all brands Pickens favors and can be found at Nordstrom in Fashion Show. 862-2525;

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