Mandalay Bay Getting South Beach Touch

Scourge of grammar Nazis everywhere, THEhotel will end its reign of syntactical terror late next year as Morgans Hotel Group gets back in the Las Vegas game via a partnership with MGM Resorts to turn the Mandalay Bay tower into Delano Las Vegas. Morgans is licensing the name to MGM, which will manage the property.

With Morgans, of course, comes The Light Group. The dining and nightlife operators will introduce an American bistro from Brian Massie, a second Japanese restaurant from Akira Back of Yellowtail, and a “new vision for Red Square.” Which, if we have any say in the matter, will be a Hunt for Red October-themed bar, complete with a menu that offers a Launch the Missiles Martini. Yet we probably won’t be consulted, because apparently everyone in this town hates totally awesome ideas.

The Light Group will also open a new nightclub on property—they’ve been long rumored to be attached to the vacant Rumjungle space—and Alain Ducasse’s Mix will stay untouched for the time being. All 1,100 suites in the joint will be redesigned, and tweaks will be made to the bars and lounges. But all of this makes a ton of sense. Someone had to make the space look pretty for all the folks who’ll be staring at it from the new Ferris wheel across the street.

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