Our Glowing Mythology


“I love movies. I hope people have a good time at them,” Roger Ebert wrote a few weeks back, in the course of lamenting what had happened to the cinema: “When a family of four can spend $80 or more, including refreshments and parking, to see a trifle like Ice Age: Continental Drift in 3D, isn’t that discouraging?” But we can’t give up the experience of seeing movies in a theater; there’s too much wonder to be derived from projected film, and no matzter how big your home flatscreen may be, the experience isn’t the same. Tell you what: If you’ve forgotten what the excitement of an opening-night movie feels like, look at Murat Palta’s art project Classic Movies in Miniature Style—scenes from A Clockwork Orange, Star Wars and others, done in the style of medieval illuminated manuscripts. You’ll immediately feel the passion of the storytelling and remember being awestruck at sights you’d never seen before, sights that are all the more wondrous at 20 feet tall. This is our mythology, and no one can snuff it out.