Seven Days

A curated tour of this week in your city

Thursday, Aug. 9

Capts. Kirk, Sisko, Janeway and Archer are in our midst—and if you have to ask who they are, don’t go near the Rio this weekend because the place will be crawling with Trekkies gathered for the Official Star Trek Convention. The captains go onstage Sunday, but there’s geekery aplenty all weekend long.

Friday, Aug. 10

Advertisers have a talent for getting us to buy a whole lot of stuff we don’t need—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Find out their hidden gifts by attending the Advertising Community Talent Show, 7:30 p.m. at the Ovation Lounge in Green Valley Ranch. The show features people who work in the local advertising industry, and it benefits Safe Nest Shelter.

Saturday, Aug. 11

While we suffer through triple-digit hell, the folks up on Mount Charleston are enjoying another day of highs in the 80s. Join them today and tomorrow for the third annual Mount Charleston Arts & Crafts Show at the Resort at Mount Charleston. Even if you aren’t interested in art, jewelry, clothing and home décor, you’ll appreciate the weather, guaranteed.

Sunday, Aug. 12

There’s beer, which we adore, then there’s strong beer, which is beer with an alcohol content typically above 8 percent or so. That makes it even more adorable. We’ll be at Aces & Ales’ third annual Strong Beer Festival enjoying a glass or two from a variety of fine craft brewers. If you decide to join us, please do not use the term “malt liquor.”

Monday, Aug. 13

We like to keep you abreast of worthy artistic endeavors in our little desert burg, and Left of Center Gallery has one of interest going on through Sept. 1: Angu Walters’ Images of Cameroon. The work is a mesmerizing quilt of intricate surreal images of survival and spirituality.

Tuesday, Aug. 14

It’s the end of an era over at Fitzgeralds Casino … err, The D Las Vegas. This is the last day Fitz chips will be used on the casino floor, so play ’em while you can. (If collecting’s not your thing, you can also cash them in through November.)

Wednesday, Aug. 15

Gotta hand it to the Cosmo; they keep coming up with fresh ways to get you back to their cool rooftop pool. Tonight at 9, it’s a Top Chef Season 4 viewing party, and nothing beats a bitchfest screened on a 65-foot digital marquee. And it’s free.