Simon Rust Lamb

Chief operating officer for Insomniac Events, age 38.

Photo by Tomo

Photo by Tomo

Describing his style as “private-school uniform with punk-rock details,” Lamb says part of his job is being a chameleon. Working for Insomniac, he drifts between the music and corporate worlds having to present himself appropriately whether he’s meeting with creatives or the mayor. Unexpected details and small surprises (think black buttons on a shirt) are ways that Lamb lets himself stand apart while still suiting up.

Lighten Up

While Lamb doesn’t call Vegas his full-time home (he lives in Santa Monica, Calif.), the lawyer-turned-executive is in the city often to organize Insomniac’s bevy of events. One thing he stays away from is dark colors. “I wouldn’t wear my black suit out in the daytime in Vegas—you instantly sweat,” he says. Lamb opts for colors such as khaki or light gray to combat overheating.


Lamb may be an attorney, but he spent a good chunk of his youth outfitted in black and sporting a Mohawk as a self-proclaimed Goth. While he doesn’t quite revisit that style at home or with friends, he goes for a laid-back Venice Beach vibe with skinny jeans and T-shirts or board shorts and a hoodie.

Don’t Buy It

One trend Lamb hasn’t bought into? Pink shirts for guys. “I feel like an Easter egg, and I’m trying to get over that.”

Get the Look

Lamb is decked out in brands such as Chadbury, Ermenegildo Zegna and Allen Edmonds, all available at Stitched in the Cosmopolitan. 698-7630;

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