Summer Shame: A Glossary for Men

Illustration by Isaac Rodriguez

Illustration by Isaac Rodriguez

Pocket sag: The excessive pull on one’s cargo shorts caused by an Android phone.

Hane: The elastic band of one’s briefs, visible due to pocket sag.

Duffelupagus: Individual with lousy car A/C. Arrives at business meeting soaked and sheepish with knapsack in tow, slinks into restroom to change.

Muscleupagus: The guy who comes to work in a sleeveless shirt and doesn’t realize that he, too, needs to change.

Liquidation sail: The inflated front of one’s swimming trunks in the hot tub.

Hibernative: Vegas native who can’t handle the heat, spends summer indoors watching Frozen Planet and becomes unnaturally pale by October.

Redhead: Bald man, no sunscreen.

Fatness: Fitness, with an “a.”

Tupac: Four less than a six-pack.

Macchio: “Wax on, wax off.” Of or relating to the condition of the over-groomed, hairless and unnaturally prepubescent-looking adult male. Macho: Antonym of Macchio.

Steel-Wool Upholstery: Worn proudly by macho men.

Six pack: Pool beverage.

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